in english

that's a slightly weathered apple
cute paragraph symbol

Верту Vertu

Каждому воздастся по Верте его Everyone will be revertued according to one's faith

imac with the page, showing one of the vertu luxury vip exclusive mobile phones on it
black screw
cracked iphone with checkout screen opened on it
cracked iphone with carousel scroller opened on it
cracked iphone with nothing opened on it, because it is cracked, crashed and almost destroyed, so maybe you will buy our device instead?
vertified ipad
english visitors will not catch this joke, well pronounced together with the word vertu, it will sound like vertu, hi — that roughly sounds like a prison guard word in vulgar russian

Разработка интернет-магазина подержанных Vertu

Технолог и верстальщик — Кирилл Жиронкин

Спасибо Алисе за помощь в работе над проектом

Ноябрь 2011 — Игорь Маковский

назад к содержанию

Used Vertu online shop development

Technologist and coder — Kirill Zhironkin

Thanks to Alice K. for support during working

November 2011 — Игорь Маковский

назад к содержанию

vertu logo