in english

the title picture of the poezdoon project
poezdato in russian poezdato in english
glitchy door illustration

Поездун Poezdoon

Поездец у вас интернет проекты для туристов Poezdets online tourist projects you have here

you can poezdanootsa fairly easy with all this project (in russian) you can poezdanootsa fairly easy with all this project (in english)
railway station in june night somewhere to the north from Moscow filled with bird singing on the background
zaebatsu logo
zaebatsu logo
big ben made from some old soviet maps
glitchy ipad background
yellow illustration two poezdoon people on its top side
the x mark
just a common ipad from 2008 year with the main poezdoon project page opened on it, nothing interesting here, keep scrolling more, pal
poezdoon plane
another railway picture with the pirate-like poezdoon on its right border
red stop light under the heavy snow
macbook with the Poezdoon login page opened on it
some green glitch spilled all over the page
just a key, a bit rusty from one side
green train
example of the way how 3d animation was made in this project, in an old-fashioned way, as you might notice
paper arrow
ne poezdee-ka tee mnye parnishka (in russian) ne poezdee-ka tee mnye parnishka (in english)
the train and the row of the tall poplars