in english

pen scratch
pen scratch
2d celluloid presents intro text
sasha gives a fuck
igor looks like he doesn't give a fuck about sasha, smoking a cigarette, though it is forbidden
binding of isaac search
such a zoomyfing glass, that usually acts as a search button seem to be broken

Репетиции Rehearsals

Фильм Оксаны Карас о проблемах взросления людей, так похожих на меня Film by Oksana Karas about growing up problems of people like me

wtf dog, really?
rehearsals poster starring Nikita Efremov and Alexandra Vinogradova lying on a wooden floor. Once I agreed to put them together this way, I've been told, that lack of a perspective is an attribute of the arthouse movie and, ofcourse, nobody wants to go to such movies and pay for this. Interesting...
rehearsals poster background with some trees on its sides. This picture doesn't contain the poster itself
some scratches under the poster
maybe that is a gold fish?
maybe that is a gold fish?
I am Marisik, I am Marisik, I have very many boobies and a box of dildos, too!
letter with a letter on it
texturized paper
piece of toilet paper
seem to look like a watering can
watercolor lines
nikita face
holding with care
damn this paper!
photos are allowed
mosfilm street
ten roubles
background with a small flyer
background with five roubles on it
russian dvd disc
dvd box
shopping cart is down there somewhere
dvd disc for our foreign partners
invitations with a lot of drawings around
final credits background
rehearsals final long credits list
background with black boxes and glyph images inside it
figure from the final credits
figure from the final credits
figure from the final credits
figure from the final credits
figure from the final credits
figure from the final credits
figure from the final credits
figure from the final credits
what alcohol to drink and when
red colored tree, that actually is empty
rectangular shaped tree
this panorama image was a part of a long billboard, and was created for the premiere date
arrow pointing up
macbook from the future with a glyph font on its screen
glyph font, that was created for personal authors uses
beautiful anna fedorova portrait
beautiful anna fedorova portrait
beautiful anna fedorova portrait
beautiful anna fedorova portrait
poster in the middle of the town
Sasha Vinogradova standing with a large art folder, as her heroine usually does
Nikita Efremov smokes badly, almost naked, like his hero usually does and like all those art intellectuals prefer to look like in movies
iphone that is actually blank, but it is just a background for the animated man on a bike, so let us just say, fine, this is a blank phone
man on a bike, that was a bit like a trailer for the site construction period>
ipad with a screenshot from a website, but take notice, that not a single typesetting font was used during creation of the project
vasia soloviev, the producer of the Rehearsals
glyph background
black iphone for instagrams
previous button
next button

Графический дизайн, иллюстрации, титры и сайт фильма

Сайт сделан на технологиях Adobe Muse

Анимация титров — Кирилл Москаленко

Помощь и моральная поддержка — Марина Лаврова

Менеджер по печати — Григорий Ярмолюк, YouPrint

Работа выполнена по заказу продакшна 2D Celluloid

Спасибо Оксане Карас за советы как сделать все лучше

Отдельной строкой — Юре Храпову за напоминания о сроках

И, конечно, Васе за помощь и поддержку в работе

Весна-лето 2013 — Игорь Маковский

назад к содержанию

Graphical design, illustrations, credits and film website

Site is made on Adobe Muse technologies

Credits animation — Kirill Moskalenko

Help and moral support — Marina Lavrova

Print manager — Gregory Yarmolyuk, YouPrint

The project was made for the 2D Celluloid production company

Thanks to Oksana Karas for advices of how to make things even better

Special thanks to Yuri Khrapov for deadline reminders

And, ofcourse, Vasya for help and support in work

Spring-summer 2013 — Игорь Маковский

назад к содержанию

reference to the game I was playing the time I was working under this project. The other one game I was playing was Bioshock: Infinite
my favourite glyph of all times
the two forks
the two forks
vasily soloviev and jury hrapov - the two producers of the film. Vasiliy is the one playing the piano, ofcourse