in english

center of investment and development logo
blurry background
sketchy round element with some dirt
sketchy rouble
corporate identity card
round badge
rouble tails

Цир Cid

Центр инвестиций и развития. Управляющая финансовая компания Center of investment and development. Management finance company

identity card back side
identity card back side
rouble tails
paper envelope with a few blank papers inside
rouble coin faced heads
rouble coin faced tails
identity card
cd disc
rouble coin faced heads
capacity: 8gb
teal colored flat rouble
identity card
iphone with another static element of the landing, though actually everything was in motion there
plastic pen, looking a bit cheap, but I still like it, no matter what
thin colored circle
cyan blurry splat
rouble heads
pink flat rouble
cir pen
carton folder
ipad with a static screenshot of the landing page, opened on it. It moved in the original
round cunt
rouble sign sign with a corporate arrow
sketchy development
messy background
cyan spiral
I always wanted to create the most minimalistic logo possible