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All You Need
is Love
All You Need
is Love

Спектакль Варвары Засуевой по мотивам пьесы Леонарда Герша Theater perfomance by Varvara Zasueva based on Leonard Gershe play

might it be masha maximova, or i might be wrong, who cares anyway
is that anton tataru or some kind of a shapeless brown loaf of bread?
that is anna for sure, I'll recognize her eyes even with my eyes closed
young woman, can you, please, tell me if serge is nearby? Oh, you've must be kidding, i was expecting young lady, beg my pardon
all you need is love typographics from the poster
photo taken at the perfomance
flyer or invitation, whatever
flyer or invitation, whatever
all you need is love squared geometrical poster
one side is blurry — the other is not
they are everybody but anna skubkova — maria maximova, anton tataru and sergey garmash
photos taken by the Artsiom Hasinkou
masha maximova is on photo
dearest anna skubkova with anton tataru together
maria maximova in the role of the mother
anna skubkova in her deepest thoughts
that is anton tataru, playing the main role and all he need is love
i cannot stop putting photos of anya here, stop me anybody, please
a bit more understandable
really, guys, who wants to smoke? — varvara zasueva
perfomance is over for now
these four faces might have annoyed you quite much by this time