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surprise, Petr Ivanovich, you're lucky to have so much friends. As a proverb says, better to have one hundred friend, than hundred roubles

От нас тебе From us to you

Концепт сервиса где можно скинуться на подарок Online service concept helping chip in for the gift

that is some kind of a well-decorated anchor
the two standard banners are given as an example here and used to be embed on the clients online shop to make buying together easier and include the special API
from us to you first banner variation
from us to you second banner variation
from us to you third banner variation
from us to you fourth banner variation
from us to you fifth banner variation
twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are, up above the world so high... like the diamond in the sky
from us to you product page, where you can see all the details about the iteam you're about to buy
the final page onslaught
iphone with the hand drawn menu items shown on it
re:store (circa 2011) website opened on the ipad with the special banner included it, as for the example, ofcourse
bottom left ribbon
well photoshopped identity card for a final kiss