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Сайт для группы Дануче, которого никогда не было Site for Danu4e band, which did not exist

alexey bochenin takes part in a fancy abstract photosession on the staircase in a soviet time building, where he used to live in 2011
are you sure you want more of this?
imac with the index page where three portraits were planned to appear randomly in different art styles, but it was impossible to do
technical reference for the developers
once upon a time, yaroslav zhalnin asked me to make him a new website (the first one was made in 2007 by Ivan Spitzbergen in Planet M Studio era), and I've answered, that I will make him design under one condition, that it will represent a long toilet paper roll, which will contain the whole site on it. Yaroslav agreed and asked his producer if it will be a nice idea for him. Producer refused and Yaroslav told me that toilet paper is not the best idea for his website. But guys from Danu4e were happy about it.
large chunk of a background that I dont want to mess with
macbook with a photos section opened on it
spooky-looking Narek watches you from the white iphone screen