in english

who the hell is Marisik, rebyata? In russian who the fuck is Marisik, guys? In english
is that Marisik? No? Pardon me, mr. Lizzard, we appeared to be wrong for now
are you Marisik? No, you're not Marisik, either
you're so tiny, mr. Wormette, but be sure, I won't harm you. So, tell me, please, maybe Marisik is so small, that you could see it?
no, even the flower haven't seen any Marisik, sadly
who is marisik? Who is marisik? Maybe this one staring with its eyes right into your corrupted soul with its merciless glance? No, it is not Marisik for sure.
these are Butyavochka, but they haven't seen Marisik, too
this Butyavochka told us, that she could see Marisik in the garden, but after the close look, it appeared to be a daffodil, not Marisik
we shall avoid asking Butyavochka about Marisik place — all of them still do not know for exact
mr. Gusenitza came from the foreign tropical country in a fine banana with his friends, though he is sure that he didn't see Marisik either. Who or what is Marisik?
no he is too busy to be a Marisik!
all the cats look grey when at night, especially those placed on a grey background by the absolute positioning

Марисик? Marisik?

вы, кто знает?
Where are you, who knows?

the four leaves
the yellow rectangular background
no, orange cats are not Marisik for sure
you may wonder whe butterflies are called butyavochkas. That's because they sound a bit similiar — butterfly — butyavochka. Begin with the same letters
have I asked you already about Marisik? Whom shall I ask more...
snail on the onion
marisik and the redcurrant
beware of the spiders hidden nearby
suspected personal
frogette with some mushrooms. Just a coincidence? I don't think so.