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bulgaria style figures

Пётр Peter

Петр горячо любит свою болгарию. Скоро у него юбилей Peter deeply loves his Bulgaria. He'll have a jubilee soon

invitations to the bulgarium birthday evening
illustrations for the bulgarium evening
illustrations with some kind of a boy in a national bulgarium costume, perhaps dancing
distances to the metro stations nearby that I wanted to add to the invitation card, but got an interesting and polite request to remove this element

Убери про метро, мои гости там не ездят Delete that about metro, my guests do not use it

opened bulgarium invitation with the thematic illustration
illustration with a man in a national bulgarium costume, and as far as I can remember now, it was redrawn from the illustration in some sort of an art costume album
illustration with a woman in a national bulgarium costume, the same thing like the illustration of a man from below, it was also redrawn from some kind of an artsy album too