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lyudmila shop

Людмила Lyudmila

Мой любимый дачный магазин во Власово My lovely village shop in Vlasovo

some scratchy background for the tablet
shop tablet from the door
this is milk, kids
bottle of some booze
tasty sausage
tasty sausage
tasty sausage
with sour-cream and onion were my favoutite ones, especially when buying them together with some beer and getting to my home playing Heroes 3 all night long
another one bottle of booze — we also have enough of this at the shop
the plastic bag with the railway schedule printed on it
to tell you the truth, watermelons are not too safe to buy in village, better take a few in Moscow before the weekend
empty bottle is a must thing for a true villager
fork is just a fork
railway background image — it takes around 2 hours to get to Vlasovo from Savelovo station. It is situated around 100 km to the north from Moscow
to get to the railway you have to go by bus, because there are around 4km to get there
waiting line
bus stop
good day, my name is Lena!
important numbers
cargo scoop, commander
backside of the identity card
just a notice for those who want to call ambulance or some other service

Ты должен выиграть Это у нас морально-психологическая подготовка такая? Да какая моральная… так… чисто конкретика You must win Is this some kind of moral-psychological training? Why moral… it is just… specifics